Who can take part?

Be aged over 18 years of age

In order to ensure that participants are able to give informed consent to take part in the study, they must be over 18 years of age.

Have access to the internet

ERP Online is delivered via the Internet and is specifically testing how effective this delivery method is for this type of intervention. Data will also be collected using the Internet and so it is vital that participants will be able to access the Internet if they wish to take part.

Have a research diagnosis of bipolar disorder type 1 or type 2

This intervention is designed to reduce relapse and improve functioning in individuals with bipolar disorder. To make sure that the appropriate people are using the intervention in the study, we use a diagnostic interview to check that participants meet this requirement. You do not need to have a formal diagnosis of bipolar disorder type 1 or 2 from your doctor in order to meet the requirements of the research diagnosis.

Understand spoken and written English

The intervention is being delivered in English only at this moment. Although adaptations to other languages may be considered if the intervention is proven to be effective, limited funding means that we can only deliver an English language version at this time.

Have had 3 relapses in their lifetime, with 1 falling in the preceding 2 years

ERP specifically looks to reduce relapse and so experience of relapses forms a key part of the intervention. It is the knowledge that individuals have gained from previous relapses that is often the focus in ERP. As such, the intervention would not be suitable for individuals without a number of relapses or with relapses a significant time ago.